“Tara brings exceptional skills to her work.  Her approach is genuine, holistic and very effective.  As a result, I truly benefited from all aspects of the Strengths coaching.  I was able to apply everything I learned both in my personal life as well as in my work environment.  With Tara’s help, I can step out on my own and am confident that my decisions regarding career and relationships will be much better going forward.”


Leslie- Ann Nedra Ruben, FCCA, CFE

Chartered Certified Accountant and

Certified Fraud Examiner

Grand Cayman

Our foundation program begins by discovering strengths with the StrengthsFinder assessment.  Next, through the partnership with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach we embark in a Strengths-Based team coaching conversation - “Start with Talent; Finish with Strength”.

The purpose of this team coaching conversation is to introduce the principles of Strengths-Based Development and help each team member start to understand his or her individual Strengths profile and make sense of their Signature Theme Report. 


But this is just the beginning.  We recommend considering a longer-term strategy that includes coaching conversations with managers, employees, and teams.

strengths + organizations

Strengths for Mangers and Leaders

A manager plays the most vital role in an organization.  


But truly great managers understand their strengths as a people leader and how these unique talents influence their behaviours, relationships, activities, and performance.  

SquarePeg helps managers first get clear on their critical measures and benchmarks.  Then the manager and the coach work together to create an individual Management Style Profile for the manager.  This helps the manager understand and appreciate how their unique talents influence their ability to meet their critical measures and expectations.

Strengths Discovery for Employees

When employees have the opportunity to do what they do best every day - operate from their strengths - the results for the organization are powerful.


SquarePeg helps organizations to not only understand their employees unique talents but how to tie these unique talents back to their roles and expectations, goal plans, and ultimately their performance.

Strengths Based Teams

Imagine a team where people are more engaged at work, more likely to achieve their goals and perform better at work. SquarePeg partners with managers to master their ability to execute as a people leader and then works with the team to gain appreciation for the talents around the table, explore levels of collaboration, and leverage strengths based partnerships harnessing individual and collective strengths.   The result is enhanced team effectiveness and performance.


Turn talent into excellence at your organization.

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