and appreciate their "talent filters". Through the creation of an individualize Leadership Talent

Map the mentee will be able to explore how he or she, as an individual contributor within the organization, can lead through execution, influence, relationship building, and strategic thinking, all key components of leadership.


The Leadership Style Interview —Gallup University

Individualized Talent Map of Leadership Domains

Key Social Network Diagram

Theme Sequence Report

Signature Themes Report

Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide

Action Planning Tool Meeting Log

Talent Journal


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“I was truly amazed at the accuracy of my StrengthsFinder results.  Tara thank you for sharing this program and helping me discover my strengths.  My confidence has increased in achieving my personal and professional goals.  You have the most amazing personality which made the entire experience enjoyable and something everyone should endeavor.  This was an absolute benefit to my life and your support was the best on this planet!”


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