People “follow” individuals or groups through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to help them stay current on what is going on, to learn from others, and to share thoughts and ideas.  We can use the same concept with your physical social network.


During the session, we discuss seven types of effective relationships that are key to our success and can guide us in your decisions and help achieve our aspirations and goals.  You will then be challenged to think about people or groups you may want to follow by reviewing your current social network to identify potential powerful partners.  We then move awareness into action by building our individual social network map and chart.

Facilitator: Tara Tvedt, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Cost: $215.00 KYD per person including one (1) StrengthsFinder access code, tools,

takeaways & continental breakfast.



Leveraging Your Social Connections

for Powerful Outcomes



While I identify as a social and curious person, professional networking has always been a bit of an enigma to me.  Tara helped focus the intention and provide the framework for my networking events going forward.  Tara encouraged the importance of keeping your network alive with regular contact points.  I now have a ‘vision board’ of colleagues, friends and acquaintances so I that can engage with people who have different career backgrounds so that I can sidestep becoming professionally stagnant.  I highly recommend her approach to corporate consulting.

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