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inside out executive presence


Looking to build confidence, credibility, and create buy-in?

Do you want to convert your abilities into impact, influence, and results?  


Karissa Thacker, in her 2016 book The Art of Authenticity writes, "The Greek root of the word authentic is author.  On a practical level, being authentic means that you are the author of your own life...". 

Through our one of a kind offering combining Strengths, Self-Awareness, Strategy and Style, we help you define, design and deliver your "inside out executive presence" for powerful personal impact and to visually, vocally and strategically tell your story.

Our intimate and interactive six-part workshop series will give you the tools and mindset to grow your career.  We work with you to:

  1. clarify and create your vision and targeted goals; 

  2. discover, develop, and aim your talents and strengths at goals and objectives;

  3. heighten your emotional intelligence;

  4. identify and build your authentic personal brand;

  5. and understand the art of self-promotion and leverage the power of your social networks.

Looking to play the leading role in your personal and professional life?  This workshop series is for you!  


*This series is also available as a corporate development program within an organization.








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