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Facilitation & Strategic Planning

Are your important team connections (meeting, projects, brainstorming, department strategy) constrained by 

  • unfocused outcomes

  • power imbalance

  • stagnant thinking

  • and controversy?


Wouldn't it be nice instead if 

  • everyone was heard

  • great ideas flowed

  • connections were made

  • action was inspired

  • and goals were reached?


In this fast-moving, highly virtual world, we are called to be more collaborative than ever - this is where process facilitation and a facilitator come in.

“Facilitation is the art of leading people through processes towards agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity by all those involved.”  ~ Robert Cserti 


Whether it's a meeting or strategic planning session, someone has to shape and guide the process of working together so that the group meets their goals and accomplishes what they’ve set out to do. While the group might set the agenda and goals, one person needs to focus on how to move through the agenda and meet goals effectively. This person is the "facilitator."

What is Facilitation?

Some of the core benefits of facilitation include: 


Efficient Use of Time and Money

Full Participation

Recording of Results

Co-creation of Outcomes

What are the Benefits of Facilitation?


Our facilitators are affiliated with and trained in the methods from Technology of Participation (ToP).   ToP programmes and methods are used by companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional associations and local communities all around the world.  Through these methods our facilitators design and lead meetings that enable group members to participate fully and focus on the outcomes of their work.  Our facilitators and ToP methods offer a powerhouse collection of tools to navigate your group’s unique needs.

Our Facilitation Best Practices

SquarePeg's Facilitation Services

The Strategic Planning

The process begins with developing a shared vision, looks at the contradictions that may restrict progress, sets strategic actions and creates an action plan to implement the strategies.

The Action Planning Workshop uses a series of steps that translates a project idea, strategy or task into a focused, actionable timeline.

The Consensus

Uses the basic method to build consensus about a complex topic. It begins with a focus question, gets the group brainstorming responses, helps the group organize the ideas in clusters, enables the group to identify the core idea in each cluster and helps them determine next steps.  

The Historical Scan

Enables a group to reflect on its history and current strategic environment. It begins with events that are written on cards and placed on a timeline. The group reflects on its experience and focuses on learning from experience to move into the future. The Historical Scan Workshop is used as a review and reflection tool.

Unique to our Process! We complement our facilitated sessions with large-format visual guides which brings a new level of creativity and energy into the room and produces a meeting artefact that teams can refer to again and again.

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