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Strengths Based Coaching & Consulting

CliftonStrengths Consulting and Coaching 

Your strengths-based team culture starts here !

Powerful Team Reporting
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Through decades of research, Gallup has proven that the best opportunity for people to grow and develop is to identify how they most naturally think, feel and behave, and then build upon those talents to isolate and grow inherent Strengths.


To help people uncover their talents, Gallup introduced its online assessment, StrengthsFinder, in 2001.  This 30-minute online assessment, now called CliftonStrengths, measures the presence of talent in 34 areas called themes.


Strengths Based Development and CliftonStrengths helps individuals discover, develop and aim their dominant talents at goals and objectives. From a team perspective, it can help the team identify how they can purposefully aim their strengths at performance objectives and respond to everyday situations for greater team engagement and productivity.

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Turn your team talent into excellence! 

Your strengths strategy begins with the CliftonStrengths assessment for all those participating.  Then as a team we navigate through three team sessions.



“Start with Talent; Finish with Strength”

Our signature workshop includes an introduction into Strengths Based development and theory, including an overview of all 34 Themes of Talent. Through group coaching the coach helps the team begin to make sense of their individual top 5 dominant Talents and individualized reports.

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CliftonStrengths Themes

Learn about each of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes and how they can help you understand your talents - the ways in which you most naturally think, feel and behave.

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“Powerful Partnerships"

Helping the team form Strengths-Based Partnerships. The purpose of this team session is for team members to learn to appreciate the strengths and unique contributions that each person brings to the team giving them ways to communicate how their individual talents benefit the team.

CliftonStrengths Domains

Learn about the four CliftonStrengths domains and how your most dominant talents help you work with information, make things happen, influence others and build relationships. 

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“The DNA of the Team"

In this session, we discuss the Four Domains of Team Strength –– Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking and how to maximize your team’s productivity. We create a Team Talent Map: a snapshot of the team’s Talents within the four Leadership Domains highlighting talent clusters and “talent gaps”. This will help the team assess and position talent for greater effectiveness.

Powerful Team Reporting

Powerful Reporting Capabilities for Teams

Visually bring together the strengths of your team onto one page.  Our new powerful reporting gives us the ability to create custom Strengths reporting for individuals, leaders, and teams. Including our most asked for Strengths reports - the Team Talent Grid and the Team Summary - these powerful reports highlight the unique DNA of your team. 

Give the gift of strengths to your employees.

Team Meeting

How can we become a strengths

based organization?

In this 15 minutes complimentary call, we'll share our tried and true strengths-based development programs demonstrating the benefits, and what turning talent into excellence could look like in your organization.

Do you lead a team?

Using CliftonStrengths can help you better understand your team, how they prefer to work, and the best way to improve performance.

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