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Our Expertise

With the workplace changing faster than ever and teams being rapidly reshaped in how they operate, a need for greater effectiveness in communications, conversations, and participation has emerged.

We are experts in:



consulting and coaching

In a Meeting

process facilitation

& strategic planning 


leadership training

& team building 

Through our proven and practiced methods and tools, we help foster talent development, communication and collaboration in these changing times.


At the heart of our philosophies sits

specific accreditations, schools of thought, and proven methods:


Gallup Certification

Founded in 1935, Gallup has been researching and providing new and novel ways to train professionals and measure public sentiment ever since.  Unique in the Caribbean and mid-Atlantic regions, we are the first management consultancy to offer Gallup-Certified Strengths coaching and consulting to help individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations aim their talents and strengths at individual and group performance. 

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ToP Technology

Technology of Participation (ToP) is a powerful collection of structured facilitation methods that transform the way groups think, talk and work together. They enable highly energized, inclusive and meaningful group collaboration that lead to successful outcomes.  Our team members are affiliated with and trained by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and the ToP Network.


Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Coaching

As solution-focused coaches, we work with our clients as co-authors to rewrite their stories designing desired outcomes. Solution-focused coaching invites the client to reflect on what the future could look like and what steps he or she can take to reach his or her goals.

What clients are saying...

Our company had the pleasure of working with Tara during a virtual consensus workshop. Tara’s facilitation methods and style encouraged the group to think outside of the box.  Using a combination of breakouts and group discussions allowed for group collaboration and mutual understanding. I enjoyed the session, it was a different experience from traditional training.  Our group members were empowered to determine their own answers to the question.

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Erin Kaufman

Learning & Development Specialist

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.

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