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resources for gallup certified strengths coaches

Turning Strengths into a Visual Language


Are your team strengths sessions overloaded with PowerPoint slides?  Are you showing the same old slide deck again and again? This 32-year-old software can be overused and push your audience away instead of pulling them to you as facilitators and create participation.


Here’s your opportunity to turn strengths language into visual language for more innovative, engaging, fun and productive team strengths sessions.


Visualization is a powerful way to resolve confusion in groups that arise from different, and perhaps conflicting, talents, filters, and mental models.

Learn how to visually facilitate and graphically guide individuals and team strengths stories with hands-on graphic metaphors, interactive templates, storyboarding and strengths canvases. 


Our one of a kind tools include:

  • Numerous graphics templates for individual strengths-based visual coaching and strengths-based training for managers and teams


  • Consulting and selling strengths graphic help kit

Co-create with your audience memorable strengths media and artifacts for dynamic and deeply integrated individual and group memories.


Join Tara Tvedt, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Consultant, Visual Coach, and Graphic Facilitator for an introductory webinar where she shares tips and tricks to use materials already in your toolkit to drive dynamic and engaging team strengths sessions!


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