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custom color analysis

Your clothing should not talk first; your natural beauty should. 


You are unique and so is your coloring. Learn how to select the right colors for your skin, hair, and eyes. Wearing the right colors can make you look younger and feel more confident than ever. 

The results are unique to you, completely customized moving away from categorization that use to happen as part of color analysis. 


Discover your natural coloring and the hues, values, tones and temperatures of clothing that translate to looking younger, healthier and brings an overall brilliance to your face. 

As part of the process you receive a color fan to use when shopping to ensure that new items are in harmony with your colors.  You also receive your personal analysis that includes information on your overall coloring.


The inside out of Custom Color Analysis:

  • Our consultants start with over 2,000 color samples and select the best for you. 

  • Recommendations are made for your best dark neutrals and light neutrals.

  • You receive a personalized fan of color swatches that you can take with you when shopping for clothing and accessories eliminating 75% of the items that are not the right color for you.

  • Hair color recommendations are given for color treated hair. 

  • Color recommendations are given for all accessories including shoes, purses, and jewelry.

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