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Project Planning for the

Accidental Project Manager

Is the task of keeping one or more projects on track just one of many balls you are juggling?  Did you stumble into a Project Manager role?  You're not alone! and their recent study shows that you are not alone; 64.5% of project managers have little or no formal training in project management.  I certainly know that was the case for me!  In this four hour workshop I share the fundamentals of project management and two essential tools for successful project planning.  But wait - there's more!  We also explore more than processes - we look at the people side of project management and how considering emotional drivers can lead to project excellence.  This workshop caters to individuals new to project management and functional employees that are required to manage projects as part of their organizational role.


Facilitator: Tara Tvedt, Certified Project Management Professional

Cost: $215.00 KYD per person including tools, templates, takeaways & continental breakfast.



Real issues...


"I thought the workshop was fantastic; this is one of the best session we’ve had in our management training programme to date!  Your method in having us work through a real issue was great, it cemented what needs to be done!"


Walkers Global Workshop Participant

Grand Cayman


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