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Client Stories

Strengths Advocate:

Beth McField, Cayman Islands Government


CliftonStrengths Top 5:











Strengths Success Story:

I have been a client of Ms. Tara Tvedt of SquarePeg for over 5 years. The science of strength-based leadership is critical in arriving at a highly efficient and results-oriented organization. The skills learned from the program, deployed earnestly, has enabled me to position team members in areas and projects where they are most talented, inclined and interested. Appropriately assigned duties and tasks has led to increased jobs satisfaction, positive communication between leadership and team members and most importantly the establishment of a healthy, happy and thriving department.

The strengths program enables Managers to understand the mechanics of team members thought process and empowers leaders to provide the critical skills required to offer a streamlined and customized approach to managing people, the organizations most important asset.

In a global talent pool, it is critical to retain top talent and strength-based leadership positions an organization and its team to become a, "Best Place to Work" improving the odds of attaining and retaining top talent. It is my guarantee that if the training offered by SquarePeg and Ms. Tvedt is deployed strategically and inserted into the very culture of an organization, the result WILL BE SUCCESS in multiple areas! This has led in my personal experience, to decreased costs, increased efficiencies, and rapid paradigm shifts that have improved operations.

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