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the female intrapreneur

"Intrapreneurs are "dreamers that do", those that take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organizations..." ~Gifford Pinchot, American Forester and Politician

For women in the first decade of their careers, SquarePeg offers a unique coaching experience: "The Female Intrapreneur".  This one of a kind experience gives early career women the tools and mindset to grow their careers.


In the four-part coaching series we begin by building your individual and unique Strengths Profile.  You will participate in the StrengthsFinder assessment.  The assessment, based on more than 75 years of research, was created in 2001 by the global management consulting company Gallup to help individuals discover their unique talents. 


We then explore the four competencies of emotional intelligence: self and social awareness, self and relationship management. 


Equipped with these two tools, we continue to explore and map out the best of who you are creating your unique personal brand, both online and offline.

In the last session we discuss relationships that are key to your success.  You will be challenged to think about people or groups you want to follow by reviewing your current physical social network, identifying powerful partners for your development.  

If you want to step ahead, shape your unique brand, create powerful connections to excel, and lead through your talents and strengths, this tailored made learning series is for you.


"Tara, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.   StrengthsFinder revealed to me that I am on the correct career path.  My strengths are definitely aligned with my career.  The course has given me the clarity and the tools I need to take my career to the next level."


Karen Osborne, Maples and Calder

Grand Cayman


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